Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance
of Biomedical Equipment
MMS - MultiMedical Systems

We’re here for life™, because we care about all your needs.

When you’re in the business of protecting the health of humans, you don’t have time for malfunctioning medical equipment or dull surgical instruments. You need a reliable partner that can provide expert repair and planned maintenance to ensure you have patient-ready equipment that meets or exceeds OEM guidelines and regulatory requirements. You need MultiMedical Systems. Our custom-designed, scalable service packages are

performed by highly skilled, manufacturer-trained, biomedical technicians. Plus, as a leading provider of pre-owned medical devices we can save you time and money when it comes to upgrading or retiring your equipment. MultiMedical Systems. We’re here for life, so you can focus on the ones that walk through your door.

A 20 year anniversary isn’t a lifetime,
but it shows we are here to stay.

Our mission is to cultivate innovative solutions in collaboration with others, transforming healthcare by doing more—with less—for more people.

Our vision is to become a significant and successful vehicle for growth and innovation for our investment partners and founders.

Daren Kneeland

Jeffrey Lagrutta

Michael McRoberts
Vice President, Business Development

Making the leap
from need to innovation.

MultiMedical Systems is a part of The Innovation Institute’s portfolio of companies. Our parent company is an organization focused on transforming healthcare through the development of innovative new products, services, and ideas. The Institute is an incubator that helps nurture ideas and brings them market to improve care delivery, eliminate waste, and extend human life. MMS is part of the foundation and economic engine supporting the idea incubator.