How to hire a BMET

Feb 10, 2021


What is a BMET?

A biomedical equipment technician (BMET) is someone who is trained to ensure that medical equipment in hospitals, clinics, and in the military is well-maintained, safely functional and properly configured. BMETs are trained to inspect, install, maintain, repair, calibrate existing equipment and advise and train other staff in the process. They are a vital part of a well structured team and can prevent time lost to mechanical failure of equipment and they can increase the expertise of the wider team through training and knowledge sharing.

A certified biomedical equipment technician has the expertise to maintain and repair the following equipment:

  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Surgical equipment
  • Healthcare technology
  • Nuclear imaging equipment

BMETs are vital to the successful operation of a medical facility and are relied upon by patients in critical care situations and by healthcare professionals for the smooth running of their institutions. BMETs are responsible for a wide range of equipment from surgical equipment right through to complex nuclear imaging equipment and their wide ranging skills from the technical to the interpersonal make them invaluable. Facilities can find that due to unforeseen circumstances the in-house BMET team is temporarily reduced. This can be due to existing staff FMLA, disability, vacation, or retirement. In this situation the ideal solution is to hire temporary BMET staff for as long as is required.

Hiring a qualified BMET in your area

When it is your responsibility to protect the health of your patient you must be sure that your equipment is in top condition. Malfunctioning equipment and dull surgical equipment can threaten the safety of those you are working to protect. We understand that there will be times when your team is low on resource and that is where MultiMedical Services can help you with on-demand Biomedical team(s) consisting of a highly skilled group of professional Biomedical Equipment Technicians that have been trained in various types of modalities, including general biomedical devices, ventilation, and surgical devices. With 20 years experience of providing solutions to the Healthcare Industry we are the reliable partner that your organization needs to help you protect the health of your patients and get you through the temporary periods of low staffing.

Our experienced BMETs are ready to augment your existing teams to cover the following circumstances:

  • During FMLA, Vacations, Medical Leave, Military Leave and OEM product training
  • When there are periodic maintenance backlogs
  • When a new facility or clinic is acquired and there is a need to catch up on past-due periodic maintenance
  • When there is an influx of new equipment to your location
  • For specialized Inventory Projects such as:
    • RFID tag implementations and battery replacements
    • Implementing a new CMS program and need to verify inventories

Our custom-designed, scalable service packages are performed by highly skilled, manufacturer-trained, biomedical technicians and our established experience means that your organization can rely on the high quality of staff to compliment your existing team.

You will have your own dedicated Director of on-demand services for each project and prior to starting there will be a minimum of two on-boarding calls/meetings to establish objectives and procedures. The agreed scope of work and expectations will be confirmed to you in writing and can be relied upon to ensure a quality charter of the services provided. The staff you hire from MultiMedical Services will all be covered by the HIPPA Regulations and will have had all necessary vaccines. While work is carried out you will have weekly time cards delivered to your in-box. A reporting structure will be agreed for the duration of your project and the BMET team will use your own CMS for data entry to ensure continuity.

At the end of the project there will be a conference call or meeting with the Project Lead and the Director of On-Demand Services and finally we will ask you to complete a post-project survey so that we can continue to ensure the highest standards for all our clients.

Why our customers choose MMS Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technicians:

  • 20+ years of experience with the acute care setting
  • Custom designed, scalable packages from 1-500 BMETs
  • Fully certified biomedical equipment technicians levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Vast Knowledge of Equipment – manufacturer-trained
  • Time and money-saving solution to staffing crunch-points
  • Repair and maintain general biomedical equipment, specialty devices, endoscopy equipment, surgical instruments, and more
  • Hire pre-owned medical devices saving you time and money when it comes to upgrading or retiring your equipment

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