On-Demand Biomedical (BMET) Staffing

Our On-Demand temporary Biomedical staffing consists of a dedicated group of professional Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET’s) that have been trained in various types of modalities, including general and specialty medical devices.

Our Biomedical Equipment Technician Staffing Services

Each temporary BMET staffing project includes the following


  • Project on-boarding calls/meetings

  • Detailed scope of work documented

  • Reporting Structure defined

  • Expected technician dress code defined

  • All onboarding requirements covered by MMS

    • HIPPA regulations
    • Vaccine requirements
    • Hospital specific requirements
    • Reptrax 
    • Vendormate
    • Green Security

During the Project

  • Utilize your CMS for data entry model

  • Weekly project QoS status updates

  • Weekly timecards delivered to your in-box

Upon Project Completion

  • Conference call/meeting with Project Lead and Dir. of On-Demand Services

  • Post-project satisfaction survey

Our experienced BMETs are ready to augment your existing teams in times of need

  • Coverage during your current staff FMLA, Vacations (PTO), Medical Leave, Military Leave and OEM product training
  • Periodic Maintenance backlog
  • Acquired a new facility or clinics and need to catch up on past-due periodic maintenance
  • Influx of new equipment to your location
    • Specialized Inventory Projects
    • RFID tag implementations and battery replacements
  • Implementing a new CMMS program and need to verify inventories

Temporary Biomedical Tech Staffing

As healthcare facilities continue to navigate the challenges of staffing, the need for temporary BMET staffing has become more apparent. It's no secret that biomedical equipment needs to be up-to-date and well-maintained, and having a group of skilled technicians with a swift response time ensures that equipment doesn't suffer from downtime. 

Temporary BMET staffing not only increases efficiency and productivity but can also reduce costs by eliminating overtime hours and avoiding the need for additional full-time staff. So, if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve in the medical industry, it's time to partner with a temporary staffing agency and hire skilled BMETs to keep your facility running smoothly.

Why our customers choose us for temporary BMET staffing

MMS has years of experience with the acute care setting and we know how to navigate the facility using best practices. Our staff has extensive training and vast knowledge of medical devices. We can place technicians within 72 hours of request and we offer flexible hourly labor rates, based on the experience of the technician.

"We have worked with several companies that provide temp. labor staffing and MMS is by far the easiest to work with. They provide quotes within 48 hrs and seem to always have the right technician for the outlined scope of work."


Largest Independent Service Organization in the country

"Multimedical Systems provides the right technician at the right time. They spend time during the on-boarding process to assure they have the right technician in place and communicate throughout the project with the on-site manager. They are also very easy to work with if the scope of the project changes."


Large Integrated Delivery Network

Biomedical Staffing Agencies FAQs

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