Medical Device Acquisition

Patient ready pre-owned medical equipment. Your desired medical technology at a significant cost reduction.

Why buying pre-owned makes sense

When it comes to upgrading or retiring your medical equipment we can save you time and money. Our unbiased technical assessment and product knowledge coupled with our expertise and experience can help save up to 60% off the cost of purchasing a new device.

1. Cost Savings

Annual budgets are often limited when departments are deciding to acquire devices and being able to make your dollars go further is important. Purchasing a refurbished or used medical device can realize a cost savings of up to 60%, versus buying new.

2. No Sacrifice

Since we are a clinical engineering organization, all devices are thoroughly inspected by our tenured Biomedical Technicians (BMET’s) and are always ready for patient use, when delivered. Equipment operates like new or we don't sell it.

3. Warranty

We provide warranty terms that fit your organization’s needs. Warranty options can extend up to one year, with most covering parts and labor.

4. Options for every budget

We have options for every budget to help enable you to acquire the equipment that you need. Capital Lease, Operating Lease, Equity Rental- up to 60 month terms and a deferred payment option up to 12 months.

Image showing a modern operating room

Why customers choose MMS for Medical Device Acquisition

Our clients purchase medical devices from us, due to the quality of the equipment and the ease of the entire process. They also rave about the flexibility of our warranties. Many comment that if it wasn’t for the quality, value and service provided by MMS, they wouldn’t be able to purchase the equipment they need to care for their patients.

What we sell

All Equipment is Patient Ready with Warranty

  • Patient Monitoring

  • Nursery Equipment

  • Specialty Equipment

  • General Equipment

  • Respiratory Care

  • Infusion Therapy

  • Beds & Frames

  • Endoscopy Equipment

Medical technology at a significant cost reduction