Infusion Device Preventive Maintenance

Infusion Pump Preventive Maintenance performed by Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET’s) that have been trained specifically on various Infusion, PCA, Syringe, and ETCo2 devices. This is a turnkey program whereby MMS manages all aspects of the Infusion device preventive maintenance process.

Competitive per device pricing structure

Our Services

Infusion Device Services include the following


  • Calls/meetings to define the scope of work

  • MMS dedicated project lead

  • All onboarding requirements covered by MMS

    • HIPPA Regulations
    • Vaccine requirements
    • Hospital specific requirements & dress code

During project

  • Daily Reporting

    • Number of devices PM’d
    • Number of devices repaired
    • Minor repairs completed
    • Devices needing major repair
    • Daily Progress of overall project completion

Expectations at end of project

  • 95% completion prior to leaving site

  • Comprehensive Project completion Report including:

    • Number of devices PM'd
    • Completed minor repairs
    • Major repairs identified
    • Serial number, make & model of devices PM'd

  • Customer satisfaction survey

Infusion Device Services Include

  • Gathering devices from Patient Care areas

  • Cleaning

  • Performing the Preventive Maintenance

  • Performing Minor Repairs (bezels, door latches, power cords and IUI’s)

  • Battery Replacements

  • Deploying back to the Patient Care areas

Workstation with infusion open

MMS is here to help in your times of need

  • Biomedical Engineers to provide coverage during your current staff FMLA, Vacations, Medical Leave, Military Leave and OEM product training.

  • Periodic Maintenance backlog

  • Acquired a new facility and need to catch up on past-due preventive maintenance

  • Implementing “new” Infusion Devices

Why customers choose MMS for Infusion device maintenance

Our dedicated Infusion Pump Preventive Maintenance team(s) have conducted numerous projects throughout the country using our propriety software testing system, which increases the testing by fivefold. The software system can test up to five devices at a time and in most cases, feeds the results directly into the OEM PM software program, without a hitch.

"The greatest impact of partnering with MMS is their willingness to work first to understand our needs and then work towards finding the right solution to meet them. The needs in our organization are diverse and MMS has the competencies to take on those challenges from scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to specialized project work. It's wonderful to have a one-stop-shop that we can call when we need it."


VP Clinical Engineering

MMS is here to help in your time of need