Staffing shortage in the HTM Industry

May 21, 2024


First, we can all agree that there is NO magic bullet when it comes to the staffing shortage we are experiencing across the country. Our friends at AAMI and the HTM Associations are doing a great job promoting this career field to the younger generation. But is that enough? 

Amazing HTM schools are in full swing training and educating BMET students and can we say we are so impressed with our partner schools such as CBET, Mira Costa, SCIT to name a few. 

While we wait for the excitement of a promising career field to actualize in the HTM field how do we maintain PM compliance?  The increasing demand in the scope of work of the BMET and Leadership has morphed into a marriage of IT, Cybersecurity, while still know how to work a screwdriver efficiently. 

MMS tries to bridge the gap with skilled BMETs when staff is short, and the PMs or projects just can’t wait. It is a band-aid or in some cases a tourniquet, but it gives the overworked departments a chance to catch their breath. While most requests are for a BMET II with a minimum of 3-5 years we do provide higher-end skilled and certified technicians as well as highly competent infusion pump teams to elevate the stress and workload. 

Creative solutions are becoming the key to maintaining patient safety and patient care. 

Struggles around BMET staffing is our passion and a partner you can trust.