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Nov 15, 2022


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Chyrill Sandrini, Jim Bowles


Chyrill Sandrini  00:15

Hello everyone and welcome back to HTM Insider. I’m your host Chyrill with MultiMedical Systems. And today we’re going to be talking about Florida Biomedical Society also known as FBS. Today my guest is someone I’ve known I think around five years now my friend Jim Bowles, and he’s been a participant in FBS for quite a while now. So Jim, why don’t you introduce yourself and tell our listeners your background?


Jim Bowles  00:43

Sure. Well, hey Chyrill, good to be on, shaka to all my friends. So I started FBS in well, let’s see, first of all, I started in the industry in 1979. As a hospital electrician back in those days, there wasn’t biomedical engineers, we were able to introduce the term electronic technician, around 1982, somewhere right around when Ralph Nader was doing his look or life expose in the magazine. And then somewhere around 1990, we were able to introduce the term biomedical technician. So I’ve been around since 1979, for quite a long time. I started off as a technician and ended my career. Last, not last year, year before last retiring as the Strategic Business Director for TRIMEDIX clinical engineering services, one of the largest service providers in the nation. So with that, in 1997. I was given the opportunity to join FBS and start working with the local chapter Gulf Coast Biomedical Society here in Pensacola and started working with them. We were a chapter of FBS. And then around 2000 in 2001, I’m sorry, 2002, I became the president of FBS. I’ve been the President of FBS twice in my tenure with FBS, but I’ve continued to be the Education Coordinator for the FBS Symposium for my entire tenure with FBS. So if you’ve attended any of the FBS symposiums, and you enjoyed the education that you acquired at the symposium, well, I’m the guy that helped put that on, if you didn’t enjoy or didn’t acquire any knowledge from those education opportunities. Well, that was somebody else. Definitely. So again, I’ve been in the industry for since ’79 been part have been part of FBS since around 1997. Long time and love being a part of the part of the industry continue to be a part of it industry even in my retired mode. And I just like helping helping the industry as much as I possibly can.


Chyrill Sandrini  04:04

So you’ve seen a lot your time, Jim.


Jim Bowles  04:08

Yes, I have. I’ve seen a whole bunch.


Chyrill Sandrini  04:11

I bet the how many chapters are within the SBS, Florida biomedical society?


Jim Bowles  04:18

Sure. There’s five chapters in in FBS, they’re located all throughout the state. There is a Gulf Coast Biomedical Society GCBS, located here in the panhandle. There’s NFAMI which is located over in the Jacksonville area. There’s Central Florida instrumentation CFBIS, which is located in Tampa, there is also there is SFAMI which was the beginning of FBS. So yes, so there’s five chapters within the organization.


Chyrill Sandrini  05:00

Yeah. And I think they’re very well attended. I’ve been to several the chapter meetings and taught, but I’m really impressed on the organization that you guys have around the FBS symposium. So let’s jump into like where it’s at, when it’s happening, how to sign up?


Jim Bowles  05:00

Sure. Well, let’s talk a little bit about the history first about this symposium. So, the symposium started back in the mid 90s. And then we did have a symposium in 2001, due to 9/11. And then we didn’t have a symposium and during COVID, so that’s the only two times we haven’t had a symposium. So we’ve been the FBS Florida biomedical society, we’ve been located at Disney. In Orlando, for the past 15 years. We started there around 2007. And we’ve had a really good run with Disney. We moved to Disney for the fact that we wanted it to be a family opportunity, and not take away from families by inviting technicians, engineers, vendors, to be away from their family. So it also gives them an opportunity to have family and opportunities to be with their family. This year, we’re located at the Grand Floridian, which is Disney’s Premier Resort. It’s our second time at the Grand Floridian and it’s going to be huge. It’s going to be really great. We had to reduce the number of vendors because they can’t accommodate our typical 100 Plus vendors. So this year, there’ll be only 70 vendors at the symposium. And again, Chyrill, before I go any further. First of all, let me thank you for allowing me this opportunity. But secondly, let me thank our vendors, because without our vendors, this symposium wouldn’t go on. So. So


Chyrill Sandrini  07:21

I appreciate that.


Jim Bowles  07:23

That’s not a problem again. Attendees to the symposium, don’t pay a dime to come and attend the symposium. All right. We ask that they be members, and they can join at the symposium. Vendors can join as well. So we ask that you be members to join. And again, so that’s that. Again, we’re going to be at the Grand Floridian located in Disney’s Premier Resort. And it’s going to be it’s going to be huge.


Chyrill Sandrini  07:57

What’s the date Jim? What dates are you going to be there?


Jim Bowles  08:00

Yes, December 1 through the fourth. So shall we start on Thursday night with the the Tyler’s Hope event. So Tyler’s Hope is a is a program that we have partnered with to provide resources for them. It’s a nonprofit, nonprofit organization. And over the last five years with us partnering with Tyler’s hope, FBS has donated over $15,000 to Tyler’s Hope.


Chyrill Sandrini  08:37

It’s looking for a cure for dystonia, correct?


Jim Bowles  08:40

That is correct.


Chyrill Sandrini  08:42

I’ve been I’ve been I’ve supported Yes!


Jim Bowles  08:45

I guess you have and we appreciate you and all the vendors who come to come as well as all of the attendees who wish to participate on our Thursday kickoff event. Friday, registration opens at seven o’clock in the morning and also Friday morning, we have our golf tournament. It’s our annual golf tournament and it’s going to be located at the Palm Golf Course, right there on Disney grounds. Again, it’s a great opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow biomeds and and vendors. The Golf Tournament finishes up typically somewhere around one o’clock and on Friday, but for those who don’t want to participate in the golf tournament, we have over 25 opportunities for education on Friday and Saturday. On set on Friday alone. We have 10 opportunities for education. We have out of that 25 classes. We have 12 biomedical classes. We have five imaging classes. We have one laboratory class, one cybersecurity class, three management classes and we also have three classes on Saturday that are directly responsible for review of the CBET exam. The first module being hosted by AAMI themselves, giving you a first look at the what you should be doing to help prepare for your AAMI CBET exam. So some of the classes that we’re going to be having on that Friday, we’ll be introduction to imaging module service telemetry service. We’ll have injector theory. With basic troubleshooting techniques. We’ll have transitioning from a biomed to an imaging technician we’ll have Neon coding, providing patient monitoring system overview, Teleflex will be providing interior aordic balloon pump classes, and then we finish off the day with STERIS providing three different classes on the motivator, surgical lighting, and preventing preventative maintenance on flexible scopes then, so for those vendors who are watching today, Chyrill, let’s talk a little bit about them. They’re going to they have the exhibit hall available to them from the hours of 12 to four o’clock to set up their their setup the exhibit hall. The exhibit hall will open from 4:30 to 6:30, when everyone is invited to come and participate with the vendors. And it’s the it’s a huge, huge opportunity. And let me say this in September, we had 408 attendees sign up. And we’ve increased that by over 120 in October, so we now have 533 attendee, and visitors signed up to participate. That is huge. And we It surpasses our numbers from last year at this time, and we’re expecting close to 700 attendees. I will say this Chyrill, we we rival problem, AAMI’s convention and symposium, California NCBA, we will rival all of them. And in with our participation. So surreal. Um, I’d like to mention a little bit about what’s going to take place on Saturday. So we also have 15 education opportunities on Saturday, a long list of education opportunities and, and and I look forward to seeing everybody Saturday, but then again, also right after the last education opportunity class, there will be the president’s address. All right. And this is where our President will address all the attendees. And we will also provide the future of where FBS is going. And will also introduce our keynote speaker, our keynote speaker this year Danielle McGeary from AAMI, and she’s going to talk about the HTM professional heroism throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. So that’s gonna be a great presentation and keynote address as well. And then right after she finishes, John, our president is then going to pass out the chapters awards for the year, as well as the biomed of the year, the President’s Choice Award for vendor appreciation, and also that we will be passing out three scholarships at that time, the Bob white Kevin Joy Scholarship, which is $500. To those who apply for it. There’s the Bruce McGuire scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship for those who apply for it. And last, the billion Dell scholarship, another $500 scholarship for those who apply for that. How do you apply for them you go online or talk to your chapter reps in your local chapters or reach out to me it doesn’t matter. I’d be more than happy to help you with that trade show begins at 12:30 with lunch with the vendors and then completes at three o’clock on Saturday. And then the the festivities and events begin with the with the afternoon dinner with the vendors, the Epcot event with fireworks. And we look forward to everybody seeing, seeing everybody there. So


Chyrill Sandrini  15:18

Those are some great scholarship opportunities. That’s amazing. I mean, if I was a biomed, I’d be applying. So Wow, that’s great. That’s generous that you guys have those scholarships available. I think that’s great. And, you know, Danielle is a good friend of mine. I always love the opportunity to watch her keynote. And I love John too, John’s a really great, guys.


Jim Bowles  15:38

So we’ve got one last great opportunity. And I don’t want to forget this. And that is for those members, FBS members who are taking the AAMI CBET exam, FBS will provide you with $100 donation to help you with the purchase of your exam. That’s awesome. But if you also pass the exam, and show proof to FBS by sending you your passing your passing score, then we will also send you a another $100 for a total of $200, which will pay completely for your taking your exam.


Chyrill Sandrini  16:28

That’s an awesome incentive for everyone who’s gonna go after that certification, which I think everybody should, right. I mean, it really, it really, I guess elevates the profession when you have a certification, right?


Jim Bowles  16:44

It does. It really does. Yeah, FBS definitely promotes the certification of our biomeds love it.


Chyrill Sandrini  16:54

And I like the way people can go and start picking their classes right now of how they want to


Jim Bowles  17:00

Yes they can Chyrill! They can go to, and register for for classes and register for symposium, and join FBS as a member at that same time.


Chyrill Sandrini  17:12

Yeah, I look forward to it. I look forward to teaching every year. This class is a little bit different, you know, I’ve done everything from Interscope handling customer service, like, you know, interpersonal relationship skills with the bioemds. And this year, we’re doing a class on, you know, the culture in the HTM shop, you know, how do you affect it? And how do you change it?


Jim Bowles  17:37

That’s huge, real. I’m, you know, we appreciate you coming to our board meeting a couple months back and doing, you’re doing a present your presentation there. And it was very warming to understand the the reasonings, the reasonings, why that the changes need to be made, and the impact that that htm makes in the industry. So we appreciate that.


Chyrill Sandrini  18:04

Oh, my pleasure. So let’s talk about some of the social things that happen in SBS. Sure, there’s, there’s never a dull moment, I’ve got to say that you better wear your walking shoes, because there’s a lot of movements. You guys keep us on our toes. And I haven’t been to the Grand Floridian but in the past, you, you got to get from place to place, Go change your clothes, get back down for social. I’ve seen I’ve taken pictures, but Donald Duck. I’ve had some great food, some great drinks. And even the last night, the fireworks, the private fireworks, but they have to know they’ve got to go buy those tickets if there’s still tickets available. Right?


Jim Bowles  18:50

So let’s talk. You’re right. So we do provide a lot a lot of opportunities for family entertainment, and involvement. And you’re right, you gotta be on your toes because we start at 6:30 in the morning, and we typically don’t stop until well as you know, Chyrill, late into the evening So not only are we professionals, we’re professionals in the social arena as well. Yeah, So there are opportunities remaining for all of the events Tyler’s Hope you need to go online Sign up for the Talos hope event, there is a fee for that, because it is a non for profit event. And in the monies that we collect, all go to that as well. And then there’s the event on Friday night where we have a vendor reception, where it’s strict. It’s solely devoted to the vendors, because all of what you do for us, we want to make sure that we give 100% back to you. So we have a three hour opportunity in that in the afternoon from 4:30 to, I believe it’s 8:30 for that opportunity for you guys to to become one with the with the attendees. And then you’re right there. On Saturday night, there is the opportunity to go to Epcot. And we have a huge event prepared for everyone who who’s able to purchase a ticket. Now I must say it is limited space, because Disney will only allow us, I believe it’s 200 to 250 people on the on the pavilion that we’ve chosen for this year, but you’ve been to it in the past and what it is, we go to dinner, and we have dinner provided at one of the Disney Worlds there at Epcot. And then we walk across to one of the pavilions. And we are have a private area where we have desserts provided and cocktails, always. And then our own area to preview or to view the fireworks display that takes place at nine o’clock every day at Epcot. And again Epcot this year started their new fireworks display, and it is huge. It’s gigantic, it’s wonderful. And in being in China, where we’re going to be will be even closer to the fireworks than last year over in, in France. So it’s going to be really, really great. I’m looking forward to it. And I know you are and I hope all of our attendees are as well.


Chyrill Sandrini  22:10

Yeah, you know, I really look forward to this Mickey Mouse lime cheesecakes, can you make sure those are at the dessert table?


Jim Bowles  22:18

I will make sure they’re there because they’re one of my favorites as well.


Chyrill Sandrini  22:22

Yeah. You know, if you guys go online, and you’re a little confused, you know, I mean, I know there’s a lot to sign up for so kind of recap. Because you need to register be great, you know, you’re gonna register as a member of Florida Biomedical Society now you could rent restaurants individual or as a corporate membership as a vendor, and then you can you know, select classes, but you want to be in the golf tournament. I don’t know if you have any spots open still.


Jim Bowles  22:53

Yes, I believe there’s, I believe there’s availability for one more foursome. So watching this, if you’re watching this podcast, there is opportunity for for you to play golf.


Chyrill Sandrini  23:06

And then you want to buy your ticket for Tyler’s Hope you want to attend that event. And then you want to buy a ticket for the Epcot event. That’s how it’s kind of titled. So you want to make sure you get all those tickets and all individual purchases on PayPal. Yes, I’ve done this several times. I have it down now.


Jim Bowles  23:25

You got it. You got it down girl.


Chyrill Sandrini  23:27

Yeah. Yeah. And again, you know, you don’t know how it’s gonna where you’re going to be and how far the walk is. And I haven’t been to this venue yet. But I’m excited. But make sure you wear a comfortable shoe or bring a comfortable shoe ladies as a backup, you never know. And you know, whether rain or shine. I mean, it’s going on right? I mean, I got asked about that the other day is does it rain a lot in December in Florida. I have never seen the rain. I saw this summer, but I never saw the rain minutes. And once it FBS,


Jim Bowles  24:00

It only rains when there’s a hurricane.


Chyrill Sandrini  24:02

We don’t need one of those, Jim


Jim Bowles  24:06

We already had one earlier this year,


Chyrill Sandrini  24:09

I also want to address the board that you have. So with the meeting that you mentioned that I was at was very impressive the tenure that you have on your board, and how dedicated everyone is to providing the best experience. If you had a list, what’s the objective of FBS from the board’s standpoint?


Jim Bowles  24:29

I would say for the objective from the board would be to provide the best learning opportunity to all our members at the symposium, I would say yes, so learning education. I mean, that’s that’s huge for the for the FBS board, and since you mentioned the board, let’s talk a little bit about the board. So again, our president for this year, of course is John Alvenus from NFAMI. Our secretary is Fred McMurtrie from SFAMI, South Florida, or, and he is also our webmaster. So our news editor is Andrea Moe from St. From cerami. Our president elect is Brian Swenson from GCBS here in the north, Northwest Florida. Our past president is Richard Morse, from SFAMI. And our treasurer is one of our founding members, Lou Katchis from SFAMI as well, and God bless Lou. He’s been with with FBS since its inception. But


Chyrill Sandrini  25:59

You gotta meet Lou’s wife, she’s adorable.


Jim Bowles  26:02

You do Helen is Helen is adorable. But let’s but I’ve got to mention one guy, one guy, especially. And that is the guy that puts this symposium on, basically single handedly, without this person. There is no FBS symposium. And so I want to give all the shout out to Bill Hascup. He’s the guy who, who makes this entire symposium happen. So without his dedication to putting this together, there would be no FPS symposium. So to Bill Shaka, my brother, you do a wonderful job. And we look forward to many more years with you providing this these opportunities for everyone in the industry.


Chyrill Sandrini  26:54

Yes, Bill does an amazing job. And it really seems effortless. But I know there’s a lot of work in the background that makes it work makes it look like it’s effortless, and very well organized. So yes, Bill props and to the entire board, you guys have done a great job putting this event together. I know as a vendor, MMS is very excited to be a part of it. I know this year, I’m bringing along for the first time, our president and CEO as long as our Senior Vice President and we’re partaking in everything that’s out there. So vendors, it’s a great opportunity. And then those who want to come and you know, participate, the education is phenomenal. You get CEU credits, and you get certificates at the end of the classes, I know that I handwrite your name, and you get a walk away with that certificate. And I think that there’s a lot of no meddling learning opportunities, but networking opportunities. So if you’re looking to change jobs, change careers, or you’re looking to get into the industry, right? This is a great place to start dropping your resume off, to make those connections with people who are hiring. There’s a lot of the ISO, third party companies that are there that represent at booths, so, and then there’s people like ourselves, you know, like a third party ISO was looking for field service and other technicians, that there’s a lot of job opportunities for you. So if you’re a student, don’t be afraid. We won’t bite right, Jim?


Jim Bowles  28:24

No, Heavens, no. I mean, by no means the vendors bite, they look forward to the opportunity to communicate with everybody there at the at the show. And that’s what we’re there for. That’s what you’re there for. That’s what they’re for. They’re they’re there for so that they can network, get their names out. You get your names out. And so that then, everybody it’s a win win situation forever for everybody. Yep, I agree. So I know the Grand Floridian is sold out. Um, you can always try. I always say, you know, just give it a shot. But there’s a lot of hotels right in that area. So don’t be discouraged that you don’t get in at the host Hotel. That is a smaller hotel, I believe. But you know, get on that right away. Right, Joe? This is true. So we did just have some a block open up for Thursday and Friday night at the Grand Floridian. But we also have blocks of rooms available at the all star resort for those who need a better, a more comfortable cost range or price range.


Chyrill Sandrini  29:33

Right. And so far, they’ve got those shuttles running all the time around there. So I really appreciate you coming on really looking forward to, you know, joining you guys again this year. And I want to know from a man who’s been in the industry for a long time and has seen a lot and is so involved with the HTM community. We always end our segments with the wow you’re one word of wisdom. So can we have a word or two from you about FBS about the HTM industry that you can inspire people to show up and attend


Jim Bowles  30:15

so here so here you go. So words of wisdom from a guy that’s been around from the dinosaur. So, patience, use your patience, be communicative, attend as many networking opportunities that you can and know that clinical engineering biomedical engineering HTM is a growing industry and that the statistics are saying that close to 40% to 60% of the industry is losing its its associates because of guys like me retiring. So, so it is a well worthwhile opportunity for a career. And yeah, the second part about that FBS, we believe in the family and that’s why we moved it to Disney and make sure you bring your family when you come.


Chyrill Sandrini  31:40

Yeah, I think that’s great. That’s that’s a great piece of advice there patients communication, and networking. I really like that. That’s solid advice. Jim. Thanks again for joining us on another episode of HTM Insider. We love that you tune in. Please follow us on any place you listen to your podcast but be Spotify or any other medium. And we really appreciate Jim coming on today, and we look forward to seeing you all in Florida.