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SPOKANE, WA- MultiMedical Systems, LLC. (MMS), a subsidiary of the Innovation Institute, is proud to announce that we will begin providing Biomedical – Repair and Periodic Maintenance Services in the state of Washington, beginning January 1st, 2019.

MultiMedical Systems was established in 1996, with the goal of providing the most comprehensive medical equipment maintenance services in the industry. Over the years, MMS has come to recognize the importance of customer service, and we at MMS pride ourselves in providing the best in the industry.

MMS will be providing the following solutions:

• Medical Device – Repair and Maintenance
• Medical Device – Depot Repair (ship moveable device)
• Endoscope Repair
• Infusion Pump – Annual Periodic Maintenance Solution
• On-Demand Biomedical Staffing Support – Short and Long Term

“We are very excited about our growth and ability to provide additional services to the communities in the Washington area.” Mike McRoberts, Senior Vice President, Business Development stated on the Washington expansion.

If you find that your organization requires assistance with your medical device maintenance or repair, please feel free to reach out to the phone number or email below, and the team will gladly assist you!
Contact us at salessupport@multimedicalsystems.com or call 1-888-532-8056

About MultiMedical Systems:
Since our founding over 20 years ago, our mission has been an unwavering foundation to provide the highest quality service at competitive pricing. Providing unparalleled comprehensive clinical engineering services to hospitals, surgery centers, imaging centers, clinic systems, physicians offices, dental offices, and physical therapy offices throughout the western United States is what we strive for everyday. Staying at the forefront of this industry is demanding and we at MMS will always make sure that your facility and equipment stays compliant for all regulatory agencies.

About The Innovation Institute:
The Innovation Institute is an independent corporation structured to cultivate innovative solutions to transform the healthcare industry. The Innovation Institute is comprised of three distinct elements- an innovation lab, an investment fund, and a shared services group.