Biomedical Solutions

MultiMedical Systems offers custom-designed scalable service packages that include expert repair and planned maintenance to ensure you have patient-ready equipment that meets or exceeds OEM guidelines and regulatory requirements. 


Our Highly Qualified Biomedical Equipment Technicians Provide Services Including:

  • Onsite field repair and maintenance

  • Repair Services

    • General Biomedical Devices
      • Patient monitors
      • Defibrillators
      • Infusion Pumps
      • Etc. 
    • Anesthesia, Ventilators, Sterilizers
    • Diagnostic Imaging
      • CT scan
      • MRI
      • X-ray
    • Surgical lasers
    • General lab equipment, including microscopes
    • Beds and stretchers
    • Surgical tables and lighting

  • Monthly and Quarterly EOC Reporting

  • 24-hour technical support with access to customized online client portal

Specialty Devices

Comprehensive solutions for all your biomedical specialty device needs. When it comes to specialty device repair and maintenance.

Specialty Room

MMS Has The Highly Experienced Technicians You Need For:

  • Anesthesia

  • Diagnostic imaging

  • Ventilators

  • Dental equipment

  • Ultrasound

  • Surgical lasers

  • Surgical tables and lights

Biomedical Staffing

Now you have another option for support while employees are out on FMLA, disability, vacation, and retirement

Jump Team

Services Include:

  • Offers as needed onsite biomedical support utilizing highly qualified level 1-3 Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs)

  • One week to one year or more

  • Single technician or technician teams can be provided

  • Technicians can assist with equipment PMs, repairs, testing

  • Can be assigned to specific projects or utilized in whatever capacity is most helpful to your biomed department

Onsite Infusion Devices

Annual Periodic Maintenance Program

Workstation with infusion open

MultiMedical Systems will deploy a team of technicians to your facility to complete annual Periodic Maintenance on your Infusion (pump) Devices.

Our Repair Programs Include:

  • Specialized in ALL infusion Devices

  • Guaranteed no less than 95% of devices found and inspected

  • Minor repairs and battery replacement (as needed)

  • All testing devices provided by MMS

  • Daily reporting of progress

  • Package of final reports provided at completion of project.

Endoscope Repair

MMS is one of the largest Endoscopy repair organizations on the West Coast. We maintain an extensive list of loaner endoscopy scopes which can be provided at no additional cost while we complete the repair of your scope! 

MultiMedical Systems Endoscopy

Reasons to Choose MMS as Your Scope Repair Solution:

  • 20-40% reduction in cost from OEM or other third party vendors

  • Web-based portal

    • Real-time tracking
    • Exportable spreadsheets at your fingertips
    • Repair & spend tracking

  • Semi-annual, annual periodic inspections provided on request

    • Reduces cost and downtime

  • Customized service plans and shared risk agreements

  • Warranty included on all repairs

  • Shipping provided at no additional charge

  • Endoscopy rentals

  • Endoscopy repairs on all makes and models of:

    • Endoscopes
    • Endoscopy Cameras
    • Couplers
    • Light sources
    • Endoscopy tower systems
    • Endoscopy accessories and attachments

  • Our repair depots are ISO, FDA and FDB certified

Surgical Instrument Repair

MultiMedical Systems offers a variety of high-quality instrument repair and preventive maintenance services. MMS is committed to the sustainability of your surgical instrumentation investment and we are here to help protect and maintain the useful life of those instruments. 

Surgical Instruments closeup

Surgical Services Including:

  • Repair/sharpening of all types of instruments

  • Handheld power instrumentation and attachments

  • Phaco hand pieces, microdebriders, harmonic scalpels, MicroAire tools, and much more

  • Repair estimate within 48 hours.

  • Most repairs are completed and returned within 5 business days

  • Flexible pricing options

    • Contractual
    • Flat rate per day pricing
    • Per tray or individual instrument pricing

  • Onsite surgical instrument sharpening and repair services available